• Rewire your brain to think creatively every day and smash the box!

  • Integrate positive habit-forming techniques to invigorate your entire organization

  • Co-create value through emotions and experiences with clients, partners and stakeholders that guarantee future revenue

  • 1 one to one strategic accelerator call with Wioletta

  • Accountability group for your success        


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Why 60 days ?

Why now is the right time?

What can expect to get out of this challenge?

A life changing experience that will transform not only the way you do business but also will have tons of benefits on other aspects of your life.

Did you really wake up at 6:20am for 60 days?

Yes and we continue to do so. Starting your morning on your terms is the most effective way to win your day. Of course, that is not mandatory through the challenge, but we strongly recommend it!

How do I know if this is right for you?

Is the challenge currently on-going live?