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Where Design Thinking meets your Clients' Needs


Join us to celebrate the Door Opening of our Human Valley Business Incubator

Begin your Me-To-We business or career makeover

Through 2 days of hands-on, value-packed, human-centered, experiential learning


Human Valley will finally be open to the public, so what better way to celebrate than with an Hybrid 2-Day Inspirathon to help you learn:

  • How to adapt to our new reality, and develop the skills, such as creative problem solving, to face new challenges as they arise
  • How to reduce the risks of spending time & money, by learning fast and adjusting to what your stakeholders need 
  • How to position yourselves and your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • How to create value for your clients, so they can't help but tell their friends about you
  • How to bake innovation and performance into your system to future-proof your success

At Inspirathon, you will learn all of this and more, and start implementing it in your career and business immediately by working on real-life projects. We don't waste time talking about case-studies or focusing on theoretical knowledge. We only use science-based, proven strategies to produce fast learning and fast results.


The best part: It’s FUN.



  • ​Use a proven framework that combines design thinking, psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience and innovation to build a human-centric business that adds real, sustainable and attainable value to people's everyday lives.

  • Tap into collective creativity and intelligence to boost your own ingenuity and generate solutions when existing models fail, so you can design outstanding experiences that inspire people to act and deliver tangible business results.

  • Use the latest research outcomes to identify amazing new business opportunities, rewire your brain to relish the challenge, think creatively like a child every day, and smash the box!

  • Pivot from competing on price to competing on value and experience, co-creating value through emotions and experiences with clients, partners and stakeholders that guarantee future revenue and profits.

  • Integrate positive habit-forming techniques to invigorate your entire organization with a sense of fun and adventure, to create a collaborative, supportive environment where everyone thrives.

  • Navigate our uncertain world with confidence, strong with your new skills and framework, so you can pivot and respond to changing client needs & expectations.



Inspirathon: Summit meets workshop meets hackathon

There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there.


So what makes this one different?


  • Hands-on learning. Forget sitting and passively listening to speakers. Every single part is designed to get you involved in activities that will directly impact your business.
  • No theory or case studies. Our goal isn't to throw a heap of knowledge and statistics at you, leaving you feeling frustrated that you don't know how any of this applies to you.
  • This is pure application. You will tweak what you're already doing and optimize it to drive more innovative, sustainable, profitable, practices that are responsive to your clients’ needs.



What's gonna happen there?



Whether you’re...

  • An explorer, frustrated with not charging or earning what you're worth and seeking to change,

  • A business owner or entrepreneur feeling like you're stuck working in your business instead of on it, or

  • A corporate warrior, working too hard to champion change that never sticks in your organization

Join us for 2 days of fast-paced impactful, hands-on experiencial learning.


Human Value hacker and Business Doctor Wioletta will teach you weinvolve famous Me-to-We evidence-based strategy, which can use right away to pivot an existing business or career, or to start a new one from scratch. 


Now you can learn all of this in a compact time of just an extended weekend.

A weekend that will catapult you to the next level. 

No matter if you start afresh or want to increase your value for your existing customers or stakeholders, and therefore your revenue.

You know you’re ready for change, you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

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  • Wioletta is a human value hacker, client needs investigator, international speaker and business innovation angel.
  • She leverages her 20 years of experience in social sciences, psychology, behavioural economics and business innovation to empower high achievers across multiple industries.
  • She regularly conducts senior-level workshops at leading organisations where she skillfully imparts simple tools and actionable insights.






2 days on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of November 2021 - All day, from 8:30 to 18:00


To celebrate the official public opening of Human-Valley, we will be holding a networking apéro on Friday at 18:00


For the FIRST TIME ever Inspirathon will be Hybrid, run from the Human-Valley Business Incubator space, just 20min from Zurich, in Wettingen, klosterstrasse 39, Switzerland and also accessible from the online world.



Inspirathon is an interactive co-creation workshop, where you will use design thinking, psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience and innovative co-creation to prototype, pitch, and pivot real products and services in real time.


Using fun and interactive accelerated learning techniques, with lots of daily activities and challenges, and a hands-on approach, you will learn fast and learn cheaply how to co-create value with your clients for sustainable profit and baked-in innovation.


By clicking on the registration button below, get access to the main event at a ridiculous fee of 197 CHF. 


We also offer a VIP ticket at 397 CHF, including access to hot-seat sessions, Q&A time with Wioletta to help you and get the most out of the event. Plus, VIPs can bring a friend for FREE.

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Standard access

2-day workshop


Where Design Thinking Methodology and Human-Centered Design fit into the system. 

Understand what your clients (customers, bosses, and stakeholders) want from you. Investigate H2H (Human to Human) and “Done-With-You” business models, and gather meaningful intelligence using research and recording techniques anyone can master.


Day 1 - Intro + Discover & Define. 

Interviews, data collection. Design experiences and promises together with your clients to deliver real value. 


Day 2 - Prototype & Validate.

Prototype using a fun, iterative process and accelerated learning techniques. Validate your irresistible offerings and receive feedback from challenge participants and product design experts. 

VIP access


Clear about what you want and know you want more?

We also offer VIP tickets. Get the most out of the event by joining, exclusively. 


What more do you get?

  • Everythin in Standard plus
  • Exclusive VIP-only strategic hot seat session
  • Q&A session to hack your business
  • FREE buffet lunch
  • Bring a friend for FREE


Nothing will change until you... change